September 11, 2017


Gilbert, AZ


Time flies

Ok honestly, weekly emails are so hard because everyday is jumbled together and I cannot remember what happened this morning, I dunno man it's whack. So I apologize in advance for the mumble jumble of thoughts being thrown around haha. Also there are friggen flies everywhere here, it's insane.
So this transfer is coming to a close and that was literally the fastest 6 weeks of my entire life. 6 weeks in school seems like FOREVER, but in the mission it's like "Oh 6 weeks? That's short." Kinda crazy how fast time has already gone! So me and my trainer didn't get transferred of course because training is 12 weeks long. Our Zone leaders and District leader and his companion all are getting transferred! One Zone leader is dying and the other one is now the Assistant to the President! The District leader and his companion are both going to Pocatello. These Elders are honestly some of the coolest guys I've met. They're sooo funny haha, but also really good missionaries. So for our last district meeting, we took some funeral photos for Elder Witbeck (who's dying). Also the term "dying" in the mission means they're going home haha. 
This week I finally taught my first lesson!!!!!! We taught a guy about the Plan of Salvation. Honestly I don't think he is super interested in being baptized or anything. I think he is just wanting to know more in an information type of way, but we'll see! It was weird teaching someone again. I was super rusty haha and took a little bit to get into it but I did! 
There's a family in one of the wards that the mom does this weird voodoo mental stuff. It's kinda cool haha. It's called foot zoning? I have no idea how it works but it was whacky. She did some ionization stuff on my feet to pull bad things out of my body I guess. So there's pictures of that (Warning it's a little gross haha).
Oh and we're moving!!! So our new address is 226 N 1600 W Blackfoot, Idaho 83221.  If you send anything make sure it's here and not the last address haha!
Well I love you all so so much and I miss you all!  The gospel is true and I know it! I can't deny it! The Spirit has testified it to me so many times! I know the Savior loves me and he loves you so much! Stay good, and read your scriptures!
Revelation 21:4"And God shall wipe away all tears from their eyes; and there shall be no more death, neither sorrow, nor crying, neither shall there be any more pain: for the former things are passed away."
1-2 Elder Witbeck's funeral :(3. the ionization thingy before.4. aaaand after, pretty freaking gross.5. the cool sisters in our district! (one is from peoria and the other is from samoa)
-- Elder Brettford


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