August 14, 2017


Gilbert, AZ



Hola mis familia y amigos!! 
This week has been full of service! We realized we weren't getting anywhere just by knocking doors and trying to set up appointments, so we just put normal people clothes on and went to some potential investigators homes and said "Put us to work!" it was awesome! HUGE shout out to my grandpa for teaching me how to work hard manual labor but most of all, to pull weeds. We literally pulled 40+ pounds of weeds haha. It wasn't that bad! The spirit that service brings is amazing! It was something we did out of complete love for these people and not to try to get into their house and drop some pretty awesome knowledge, but to love, care and provide for the people here because there's a lot of service needed to be done.
So this week wasn't exciting at all, EXCEPT THERE'S A BAPTISM THIS WEEKEND. So I literally did nothing haha, she's had a date set for a while and has been taught for the past like 10 years, so she was super ready and everything. Elder Evensen and I prepared a lesson on tithing when we went over to do service, and then she literally asked, "So tithing, we pay every week but what happens what I get baptized? Do I pay separate or like how does fast offerings work?" SHE'S AMAZING. So she literally taught us haha it was awesome. So her baptism is this Saturday woohoo!! She asked if I would play the piano so that's awesome as well!
I'm not sure if any of y'all have heard of this solar eclipse happening this next week. Apparently the course runs right through little Blackfoot and our mission president has been told that like there is going to be essentially no gas, food or room on the highways! They are anticipating like over a million extra people in Idaho for the weekend haha. So we don't know if it's the end of the world or what but pray for us.
I love the mission so much and it's been really really hard. I know I am doing the Lord's work and He has called me to be specifically in Blackfoot for some reason right now! I have zero idea why, but I have faith there is a reason! I know what I'm teaching is true. I know Christ lives. I know He suffered and died for me in Gethsemane and Calvary. I have zero doubt in my mind that this church is true! I love and miss y'all so much and I pray for y'all everyday! Until next week!! p.s. write me :)
(also I didn't realize how many times I've said y'all in this email. The cowboy/redneck lingo is starting and I have developed a slight accent not on purpose... sorry mom)
not many photos this week sorry!
1- elder evensen wasn't too into my video :/2- we have matching ties!! (thanks mckenzee/cox family)3- good 'ol idaho4- every character in the title, including the scripture, add up to 24! So a cool way to mark down the months. BEEN OUT ONE MONTH THAT'S INSANE.

Elder Brettford


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