July 21, 2017

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Week 2

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I'm such a noodle head hahah i didn't mean so send that hahah so i'll finish my letter now
Fair warning this one will be long and if you just want the spiritual message and pictures, go to the bottom.
This week was long but short. My dad said, "The days are long, but the weeks are short." I've never heard something so true in my entire life haha. This week at the MTC was eventful. The good and the bad. I'll start with the good. 
I'm think me and my district have hit a rhythm and we have the hang of everything now. People consider us veterans of the MTC now it's really weird haha. So the new missionaries that came a few days ago were asking all us questions and asking for advice haha. The coolest thing about the MTC is you literally start teaching investigators your third day. It's pretty nerve wracking going into it without ever learning the discussions very well and not being allowed to bring your Preach My Gospel in with you. I REALLY learned to rely on the spirit and to teach with the spirit and have faith that Heavenly Father would guide me along on what to say and how to answer people's questions. 
Being the district leader has been amazing. I've been praying really hard to be able to lead by example and be as loving as I can. I started out kind of trying to figure all these things out by myself, then Heavenly Father was like no no no no. I got really overwhelmed and had a wee-bit of anxiety (which is really foreign to me). I had a comforting and humbling experience when one of the sisters in my district was having an extremely hard time. She asked me to give her a Priesthood blessing so me and another elder did. I said a little prayer in my heart before to know what to say and to be lead by the spirit to say the things that would comfort her. I don't really remember what I said, but she thanked me and she's doing SOO good!! This experience really really helped me turn to the Lord and do His will rather than my own.
So throughout the week, the elders and sisters were KILLING it. We were all teaching so well and so powerfully it was amazing. Like I can't explain how strong the spirit was in our classroom. Our district gets along extremely well and we are all like best friends haha. All the elders are super super chill and have really strong testimonies!
Now the bad... Our TRC (place where we go and teach investigators) Makenna was a stick in the mud haha. She didn't understand really any of the things we were explaining and it was super frustrating. So at the TRC we are given a certain amount of time to teach and we would get to the very end and almost teach her about the best thing, BAPTISM. So we never got to teach her because our time was up. That really stunk. So hopefully we get to teach her next week!
And now the really bad... Me and my companion Elder Rohal have not been getting along. Our personalities are astronomically different and it's really really hard for us to connect. I'm loud and exciting and talk to everyone and he's sit and think and not talk too much. There were lessons where I would literally teach the whole thing because he wouldn't say anything or he'd only say a few words. He's an amazing missionary, I know it. He knows the scriptures so so well and knows doctrine better than anyone in our district but he just doesn't like to talk. I really don't know. Also he is sooo smart! He literally in our first 3 days created a friggen language. Like a written language with characters and symbols and diction and conjugations, it's so sick. So he writes all his notes and things in this language all the time and it's awesome! The thing is that's like all he does. Like during role plays and stuff. He studies of course and does all the things but then goes to his language. I don't know what he writes because it makes zero sense to me. 
I got a little frustrated and took him aside and just asked what he was doing and if he's struggling with anything. He said no, he's fine so we went along being normal. Last night in class, he broke down when we were doing role plays. He felt like I chastised him and I was mad at him because he wasn't doing everything exactly perfect. I felt horrible. I have never felt so sick and mad at myself in my entire life. I was trying to be a good companion and lovingly criticize but it came out wrong. I know that I was in the wrong and I needed to handle the situation in the totally wrong way. Our branch president talked to him for about an hour last night. They finished around 9:45 and we gave him a blessing. He's doing better but he's needing some love right now. Please keep him and us in your prayers.
 I love you all so much and I'm so so happy here! I know the Heavenly Father puts trials in our lives to make us stronger because he wants us to grow! I know that when we struggle, we can rely on our Savior Jesus Christ and He will lift us up! All we have to do is act! 
If you are reading this, He knows your struggles. He knows your pain. He knows what you're feeling. I know this because when I feel like I've been alone, I can feel His love for me when I turn to Him. I love you all so much but most of all, He loves you. 
Also please send me emails and pictures it helps throughout the week!!!

Our super cute district 
Chris is on my floor as well it's super nice!! We'll see each other a lot I know it 


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