July 15, 2017


Gilbert, AZ



Ok y'all I have been at the MTC for 3 days and it is honestly the coolest thing ever. The classes are so cool and the spirit is so so strong. My companion is Elder Rohal! He's from Ohio. Super cool, and has the dopest voice (he used to announce sports games at his high school). and he's going to Pocatello too! The first day was pretty cool, we met our district and they're so cool! Everyone is going state side and speaking English so it's awesome! The other elders in our dorm are also going to Pocatello so we all got along really fast. They're kinda goobers haha. The welcome devotional was awesome! The MTC president really knows what he's doing and his insights are so unique! Yesterday was literally classes ALL DAY LONG. I've never done more walking in my entire life in one day. I took so many notes my fingers hurt from typing. (We have iPad's!) 
I love love love the MTC and I cannot wait to learn more and more every day. ALSO I SAW MIKEY & TUCKER!!!!!!!!!!! I was so excited to see them it made me so friggen happy!!! Also Penn is like three doors away from me on our floor haha so we see each other all the time. I forgot to bring my camera to the computer lab so I only have one photo to send right now from my iPad, but I'll try to get on later and send the rest.
I am beyond excited to be serving the Lord and being His authorized servant day and night. I love this gospel and I cannot wait to be teaching His restored gospel to everyone I can!! I love you all and miss you all so much! 
oh and I'm the district leader lol, pray for me 
Also I have an iPad so whenever you email me I'll be able to read it so PLEASE DO IT REALLY HELPS!
This is most of my district! My companion is all the way on the left with his hands in his pockets.Preview attachment IMG_0002.JPGIMG_0002.JPG2.2 MB--
Elder Brettford


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