November 7, 2017


Gilbert, AZ



Welp. Another week down. Sometimes it feels like time isn't even real. Time is perspective if you really think about it... ANYWAYS. This week was funnnn.

Tuesday was Halloween, so we had a zone lock down. We played lots of really fun games and stuff. Our zone started singing songs while I was playing the piano (hymns of course) and it was SOO fun. We had a "choir practice" haha. We were so bored by the end, anything seemed funny and entertaining.

We've been tracting (walking and knocking every door) lots this week in the new wards and have found lots of potentials, and a few investigators! Ones name is Maria. She is probably 19 or 20 and has an 8 month old baby. She lives with her boyfriend which is a problem, but we were talking to her about the church and she said she knew about nothing about it or missionaries! We testified of the Book of Mormon and offered her one and she accepted! She said she was interested and we set up a time to go over tonight and teach her more. It's amazing to see how the work is increasing here! My companion Elder Williams is awesome too. He isn't afraid to open his mouth, and start testifying! He has zero fears as far as I know. He just might be super human.
All is well here in Blackfoot, Idaho! The cold is coming, but I will be okay I think? People keep chuckling when I say I'm from Arizona. They all say "Oh Elder, you're going to die." "So you've never seen snow huh?!" "Isn't it like only cactus and dirt there?" It's quite funny, I get a good laugh out of it haha. I keep telling them I'll be okay but if I die I'll for sure invite them to my funeral. 
I'm so happy here y'all. I love this work and I love this gospel. It brings me so much happiness, I love this opportunity and am grateful to my Heavenly Father everyday for giving me the chance to dedicate a short 2 years to teach His children. This gospel is true. God lives. He sent his son Jesus Christ to suffer and die for us. He knows our pains and trials. He is aware of us and loves us so much.
"I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me." Phillippians 4:13
Love you guys so much, adios muchachos! Please email or write me!!! (packages are very well appreciated and accepted) 
Elder Brett Barazoto226 N 1600 WBlackfoot, ID 83221
  -- Elder Brettford​


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