October 23, 2017


Gilbert, AZ



Hello family and friends!!! Crazy how another week has come and gone. Everyday seems to be going faster and faster I can't take it! This week was AWESOME. 
To start off the week, one of our investigators really wanted to come back to church after she came last week. So some members picked her up this Sunday and she LOVED it and stayed for the whole time. We set up a time to go over this week and teach her a lesson! We are absolutely going to ask her to be baptized, because she's so so ready. So pray for her please!! 
So the highlight of this week is my new companion / trainee. His name is Elder Williams. He is from southern Alberta, Canada. So like 8 hours away haha. He's awesome! He is really hard working, and so willing to do whatever. We are going to get a lot of work done I know it! It's awesome training, and he said he really looks up to me because I seem like I've been out for so long after only a few months out. Haha, he's cool. I like him. Especially because he plays volleyball! He played in high school as well so woohoo!! We are gonna be real good friends!
So at the start of this transfer, our mission president took missionaries out of the other building in our stake, so now we are covering 3 additional wards to the 3 we already covered. 6 WARDS, and training! Holy cow, keep me in your prayers please... So we were trying to get to know people in the area a few days ago and we were walking and I felt prompted to turn around, so we did right away. Not 100 feet later, we met a member of the ward who gave us like 5 referrals AND invited us over for dinner tonight! He also is from the SAME town Elder Williams is from and know some of the same people! It was so cool to see that when we follow the Spirit how blessings can come! Doesn't mean they always have to be these crazy, miraculous stories but they can be small tender mercies. 
This week was amazing and I am SO excited to be out on a mission serving our Heavenly Father. I can tell you all the God is real. His Son Jesus Christ was sent to the earth to Atone for our sins. The Savior felt all our infirmities, our pains, our sadness. Everything. I can tell you that this IS God's work. I love you all so much and miss you more than you know. 
-Elder Barazoto (or Elder Barizona to people who don't know how to say my last name)​


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