June 3, 2019


Adonkia, Sierra Leone


Elder Flake

Well thats a negitive for Malaria

Una Kushe!
   My oh my is this going to be a fun transfer! I don't have my planner and I don't remember much... my selective memory is turned off for some odd reason. 
Monday: Well we head out from the mission home around 2 and I got to my new apartment in Godrich (westend Freetown). ooohhh boy its a 6 man apartment. containing me and my comp, Elder Flake; Juba: E. League (Alaska) E. Wallentine (Bear Lake UT); Godrich: E. Johnson (Idaho) E. Nwangale (Nigeria) so ya 5 whites (All hicks except for me) and a basically American Nigerian. And this apartment isn't nicer than my apartment in Makeni but it does have A/C so no bad no bad! WOOO HOOO!!!
Tuesday-Saturday: I don't have my planner so ill just talk about my new family here in Adonkia (Pronounced Ah-don-kia) or I don't care in English ahah.Patrick and Zianab, are 2 nonmembers that were referred to us by a member. The Husband is really interested and fun to teach and understands the lessons and doctrine but the wife on the other hand is struggling, as always in Salone. She isn't very well educated and has trouble understanding key gospel principals but through prayers and time she will progress.  The Gospel is not for the rich and educated its for all man on this Earth! 2 Nephi 26:33Abbas: Is a tailor that was contacted around the corner from Patrick. We haven't had the chance to teach him yet hes been pretty busy. Esther: Is a referral from a Part member family the first time we visited her she was gone so we helped the family cook then the next time she was not feeling bright because of her pregnancy. we may just need to postpone her teachings till she done born her pikin. But she's funny and seems like a promising kingdom builder. Marion: another referral from a Part member family. She is super smart and her family is pretty well off.  They've been to America a few times (which is a dream of a dream to some people here) and Her and her sister Princess love asking questions especially Princess... a bit too much haha but I cant complain. And they gave us the best FM (Free Meal) ever … KRAFT MACARONI AND CHEESE!!! whaatattatatattttJoseph: Another referral from a part member family. He's Very awesome!! we just finished lesson 2 and he's already ready for baptism just need to finish the lessons.
Sunday: Well heavy rains this morning... so church was pretty empty. but hey Joseph came haha I love that guy! But that was the only good part for me.  after church we headed to an appointment and left early because of back pain.. I couldn't even sit down. We headed back to he apartment and it only got worse. I got a headache, Back pain joint pain in my right leg, a fever of 101.5 (and i'm still curled up in my blanket with the fan and ac off, that never happens unless I want to boil to death) dizzy and light headed. I call the nurse and she tells me to just take a fever reducer and go to the hospital tomorrow to get tested for malaria. 
Monday: I just have a slight fever 99.? and a nasty headache so I go to the hospital and they did a blood test for malaria. I tested negative WOO HOO and its about 6:00 here and my headache is almost gone but Idk about my fever... I guess it was just the flu that my family was catching back home... not even thousands of miles could exempt me from that hahhha. Then after the Hospital we got to eat a Chicken town... basically the closest to America you can ever get inside Mama Salone. 
Exerpt from Misson Pres. email:Sometimes our Church assignments have a known length of service (e.g. your mission call). Most of the time the length is not known ahead of time. My wife’s grandfather was Bishop of the same ward for 26 years. We don’t do that long stint any more. But there are still differences. I served for 8 years in a stake presidency where all three of us had previously served as bishops, but for lengths of time varying from 3 to 6.5 years. President Monson was called as a bishop at age 22 when he was recently returned missionary. I was called as bishop when I was 43. Most mission president couples serve for three years, but we’ve had the blessing of serving for four. Each calling or assignment can vary in length and intensity, but we should not vary in our commitment to do the Lord’s work with a full-purpose. One of our missionaries serving now was a zone leader, then junior companion, then trainer. He served in each assignment with enthusiasm, commitment, and dedication to the Lord’s work and following His will. One of our missionaries recently left the assignment as an STL and is now serving as a trainer. She served in each assignment with enthusiasm, commitment, and dedication to the Lord’s work and following His will. It does not matter where we serve, it matters how we serve. If we serve with a full-purpose heart, we will do the Lord’s will in any assignment. If we aspire to a leadership position, or if we slack off after having a leadership position, then we don’t fully understand what it means to serve with a full-purpose heart. I pray you will all serve with full-purpose hearts, as full-purpose missionaries, in whatever assignment you are given under inspiration.


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