May 27, 2019


Makeni, Sierra Leone


Elder Raymond

Transfers!! and My 3rd area!

Well plenty happened, not much time today to email because of transfers and all so I'll just give the news.

Friday...night: After a long day of prosiliting we came back to our apartment around 6:00 and closed the day really quick. Then we found the biggest pot we had and cooked some rice and beans for the Makeni Zone dinner. AKA transfer news. And at 7:30ish the news came. Our Zone Leader Elder Lunga started to announce the news... Elder Ball your going to Bo, you will be finishing someones training... oh wait wrong line. Your actually going to Adonkia in Freetown Zone, Elder Pace your going to Bo. So ya my new area is Adonkia in Freetown. and my new comp is Elder Flake from AZ, USA. And it turns out that he is my brother, or, we had the same trainer, Elder Kabosha.
Saturday: Well in the morning for the last zone activity we hiked Rogbaneh mountain.. so I have officialy hiked all 3 mountains in makeni (or the ones inside the city). New Jersey, Mena, and Rogbaneh. This one was the best though. There were springs at the top!! Then we came back, showered and dressed up and headed to Stocco's baptism, then visited sis. Rosiline and sis. Daniella. taught two short lessons then went back to the apartment to do our deep cleaning and pack up.

Sunday: We went to the chapel early to do some cleark work and to make sure Bro. Alpha and  bro. Musa got interviewed for the Aaronic Priesthood... check and check. Then Elder Maruv and I bore our testimonies in Makama branch for the last time. headed back to the apartment loaded our bags in the car and headed out. We left Makeni at 2:30 and what should've been a 2.5 hour trip turned into a 6 hour one. The mission vehicle didn't have enough space to take all missionaries leaving makeni and our bags so some of us had to take public transport i.e. my comp and I haha. So we got in the taxi fine and the first 45 min were fine but after that the car had some major problems it had no power some how and would stall all the time. I got quite an amazing testimony of prayer. While struggling to go up one hill I said a little prayer to God to help the car to run better and before I can close *sputter* *sputter* *bang* *bang* and we are zooming up the hill. My jaw dropped lower than the the car (with the overloaded suspension) was!! but 10 min later the same problem comes back. It took us an hour to go 2 mi to the next town. He replaces his fuel pump and we get going again, but to no avail we still have a problem and are stuck in a nice field area. (I actually asked for 2 things in my prayer, the car to work, check, and my squished body to stop hurting) So this is the answer to the second part. So... we stick out our thumbs and wait for a taxi to pass with empty seats.. which never happens. Because they have 4 seats but to make more money they stuff 6 people inside.. fun. 2 in front 4 in back. in a small nissan almera. But our Heavenly Father provided yet again and one rolled by and took us to Watterloo. where we walked a few miles towards Freetown waiting for a Poda to pass and pick us up. we arrive in kissy and we take taxi to Upgun, walk to Eastern Police, then take a KeKe to the mission home arriving at dark woooo hooooo I love Salone!! It was all worth it though. A talor I met a few weeks ago finished my project to make Black Panther's shirt and ya.. it looks pretty cool!


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