May 20, 2019



Elder Raymond

The Power of Christ.... and Freetown!

Still way too much to write! But anyway here we go!
Monday: After emailing we went to a family home evening at the Conteh's again. This time we were cooking. I made the plasas while my comp made the rice. And while it was cooking we helped out with the dishes. Sis Mariatu Conteh gave the lesson and she did a great job. A lesson about Faith and Repentance. I had an amazing opportunity to share the conversion that the Anti-Nephi-Lehi's had in Alma 24:9-14 and gave a short explanation on repentance and true CHANGE, as many of the people here just think of it as a confession, no more. 
Wednesday: So since yesterday and all throughout today I've been getting worse spiritually, emotionally and physically. Yesterday was a long and non eventful day, today wasn't ether except a cool lesson with someone who contacted us! Bro Solomon Sa Foryoh. We sat with him for about two hours talking about the nature of God, and things about the church especially the Book of Mormon. But after that I just felt down, and I didn't know why. We got back to the apartment late. I tried to prepare an instruction for district council tomorrow. But the spirit wasn't there. so I just prayed and hit the hay. 
Thursday: Well this morning I still feel like crap but I pray, get up, wash, then start studying again. No topic for the council, my district leader just said to be uplifting... yea haha like I can do that. So I just open up to the most uplifting part of the PMG (ch.6 Christlike Attributes) and make up something there. I still don't feel inspired to make up a lesson plan so I just use the Ideas for instruction in the back and head out. I get there and I start like so, "ok everyone get up. stand up!" everyone gets up, "alright so I dont have a topic but Elder Onoharigho told me to be uplifting... so I think I succeeded. you can sit down now" and for some odd reason that made me happy, I guess I just havent made a joke in a while... no it cant be, that would be a coincidence. And there are no coincidences with God. That was a testimony to me that The Power of Christ can and does up lift us all! IF we have faith and develop his attributes. Like Patience, Charity, Humility, Diligence and most of all Faith. 
Friday: Lots of joyful lessons and also going around to our two baptismal candidates Alpha and Musa. Musa lives out in a distant village where its easy to get transport there but its always walking back. but no bad! Especially for this man. He was former Muslim but became discouraged with the doctrine and wanted to follow his brother who was more happier than he was... I wonder why... oh he is a member thats why! He should've been baptized weeks ago but the distance and we can only see him on weekends has made this glorious day come now. and Alpha is a YSA aged man that has an interesting story on how we met him. One day we were contacting near Gada Lane and we met this one family, taught them a little and in the back was a young man that came up to us after the lesson and invited us over. his name is Molai we are still teaching him, but in lesson 2 with Molai, Alpha sits in and investigates for the first time. We started teaching him too and in 2 weeks he had read from 1st Nephi till Ether, felt a spiritual prompting to start again and is reading from the begging and using the index to assist him... WHAAATTTT! this kind of person is unheard of in Salone (Sierra Leone). We prep them for what will happen tomorrow and then retire to our apartment. 
Saturday: MUSA IDRISSA KAMARA and STEPHEN ALPHA Y. baptism day. hectic as always. The font was cleaned yesterday but water couldn't be trucked in till this morning... but go figure they are running late. So in an emergency we call the Rogbaneh Elders and see if they have water in their tank... yes they do. WOOO HOOO we all pile on over there and have a wonderful service. Testimonies that could never be expressed in an email and many more things. Then we went to our apartment to prep for the 3 hour squished taxi ride to Freetown. We get to Freetown that afternoon and take taxi to the Kissy stake center. we are coming here for my comp, Elder Maruv to get his Patriarchal blessing. woo hoo again! Execpt when we see the patriarch he says he isnt ready to give the blessing. I.e. we dont have a recording device. so he says to wait till tomorrow after church or come back next week sat. whelp... I call the Zone Leaders and see what to do because we had only planed to go and come the same day and next week is transfers... so boku boku confusion go de. We get permission to stay in Freetown and we go around to our former areas again and sleep at the Kissy ZL apartment. Am I mad or anything that the blessing couldnt happen today... not at all. yes there was alot of stress involved ... A LOT. but the Patriarchal blessing is so important so I'll do anything to make sure everything is as it should be for him to get the blessing he needs. very spiriurally moving and uplifting... Patience is a heavenly virtue 💙❤ yay theres pink now. 
Sunday: we go to both e. Maruv's Grassfield and my Kissy 2 wards for sacrament meeting. Sooo cool All of my RC's where there!! it was soo cool to see them all there. The blessing happens and we head back to Makeni. we get back around 5. then unpack and wash up and head to the zone dinner... just a fancy name for call-in's with food. 



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