May 13, 2019



Elder Raymond

Zone Conf and others!!

     So this time I'm going to try to put the whole week in here... that's too much! but here it goes,
Monday: Well because of the zone conference on Tue and Wed we turned today into a proselyting day. We started out with a Recent Convert Sis. Aminata Koroma and we have a nice discussion on the Book Of Mormon, and friends in the church. After that we email for our normal 2 hours, then we go and visit some more members Abiba and Aminata Kamara 16 and 18 years old young women in the branch just strengthening their testimonies because Abiba likes to take part in other apostate churches "Crusades" which are very testimony destroying. Anyway, we arranged for our next appointment to do a cook-off. haha, we go win! Afterward, we go and see Bro Alpha one of our IBD's this guy is amazing!! He's a security guard for an agricultural office and has a lot of time on his hands.. he was in Ether before we finished lesson 3! The people who live around him call him pastor... because he is always reading the Bible, and now Book of Mormon. Then after some fall thought appointments, we finally go and see the Conteh family! They are a big family of about 9 people... its hard to tell who is actually related to each other... in Africa, they call everyone their brother or mother, etc...  We eat some delicious Mango Yebeh and give some pictures to the pa to print then participate in their family home evening. 
Tuesday: We get up about 5:30 and are out the door by 6:30 to take a taxi to Freetown (from Makeni) for Zone Conference. We get into town around 9:00 and Elder Maruv and I split from the group to visit our old areas in Kissy. Grassfield is first (my comps area) then we go, 1 hour, to the mission home in Dowarzak to get stuff before the distribution center closes. I get a new quad because mine is falling apart. Then take Ke Ke, bus, and Ocadda back to my former area LOOKING TOWN!! too much to say but I got to see everyone I wanted to see except for one of my favorite RC's James Kamara. But God was looking out for me and on the way down the mountain and back to the highway I hear, "Elda Boll" I turn and I see... Yea you guessed it... Bro. James. We talked for a bit then caught a bus to go back to the mission home. 
Wednesday: Well there were not enough seats to transport all the missionaries at the mission home to the Kissy stake center... just 2 short, go figure. So my comp and I take public transport to the chapel...1hour. we had a wonderful conference based on 3 Nephi 27:13-22, 27 and 2 Nephi 31:2-20. It was so amazing and our mission president went out with a big bang, as this is his last conference before he goes home. We then took public transport back to Makeni that was a nice 3-hour drive. Got back to the apartment late and hit the hay.
Thursday: Wow this is taking too long. so here's the highlight. Sis Rosaline. She's a Muslim lady that we met recently. She got mad at us because we didn't greet her so we contacted her and she said to come every day... soo wow. We had a nice conversation about prophets. And she wouldn't leave Mohammed she just kept going on and on. Finally, we stopped her and made an example. A prophet is like a flashlight. They guide us in the darkness of the world, the batteries inside are like the priesthood authority and ... power. hehe. When the prophet dies the light goes out. and you're left in the dark. Now, Rosaline... think about it... Mohammed was (technically, see April 2018 Liahona) a prophet. But since he is now dead, do you have a light? "no" do you want to stay in darkness? "no" so what do you think we need today? "A prophet. I want a prophet" well let me tell ya about Russel M. Nelson... and we taught more about prophets and the need for modern revelation, a light. 
and fast forward to this morning Monday: We hiked Mena hills :) The view was amazing and we had a cool spiritual experience. At the top of one of the many boulders, there is a cross. So as all normal boys will do we want to get to it. Our district leader said it was impossible to get to... it's too steep and no way up... haha challenge accepted. well, he didn't look hard enough because along the back side there was a nice crack with plenty of handholds to shimmy my way up. And as always I get to the top. And someone left a mini bible at the top... well cool I brought my own that is comparable to the bible.  I left the BoM up there with our names the date and Eternal Happiness Inside as the message and marked 2 Nephi 29 with the small bible and left it up there. that's an interesting way to do contacting. 


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