May 6, 2019



Elder Raymond

11 Months in 1 day!!!

     Well boku boku (lots) of things have happened since last time.  but some big things are coming up so here's whats been happening: 
On Friday we were out on the boarders of a far village, Patebanna Masimbo, teaching bro. Musa Kamara. He's one of my favourite investigators.. we spent probably 2 hours there. we only planned for 1 but the rain came and we got stuck. so we just kept talking and answering his questions and we ended up teaching all of lesson 5, and reviewed the baptismal interview questions. What I like most about this man is his desire and willingness to change and do anything God wants him to do, since he was discouraged with the doctrine of his last religion (Islam). He, every time we go, teaches us the lesson from what he read in the book. And we are just there to answer questions and verify he understands... very rare and precious to find in Sierra Leone! 279 is a picture of me and Elder Maruv walking back in the rain with a big bag of Mangos mmmm. 
Saturday was national cleaning day. National Cleaning day is the first Saturday of the month and was made by the current president (Honorable Julias Madda Bio) in an effort to clean up mama Salone! so from midnight Friday till 12:00 Sat if your doing anything but cleaning you'll get arrested and put to work for the rest of the day... so me and my companion snuck (not really) to the chapel and cleaned it. usually members sneak out too but it was just us today. This is Elder Maruv turning on the fans in the oven Makama chapel. 
Then the next day... Sunday! Sunday is defnutally not a day of rest! a few weeks ago the chapel was broken into and they stole the printer and this week we got a replacement soo boku yagba to do now! (lots of work) We are running around the chapel getting information and who didnt get what papers or certificates in the last few weeks. then at the end of course the stampede of primary kids comes and they all want to snap with the apoto! (white man) Ahhh these kids are a blast! cant wait till next week when they force me to teach primary hahhahahha! oh and one day we also saw a bush squirrel mmm tasty. JK!


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