March 18, 2019



Elder Raymond

Salone Freetown mission update!!

     Sorry for not writing for a while... but this past while has been amazing!! My current area is Makama, Makeni, Northern Province. Me and my companion, Elder Onoharigho from Delta state, Nigeria, proselyte in this huge and fruitful area and wonderful branch. We are also traveling about 15 mi. to the south to Magburaka to establish the church. These past 3 weeks a branch missionary and I have been going there to help out the 4 week old home-group there. So in other words we are very busy. My companion loves contacting and its proven very fruitful, we just finished the Restoration lesson with bro. Alpha Kamara and Molai Koroma they recommended us to their friends who basically said, "Well if Alpha and Molai go there then we'll go too!" I can see them all serving missions some day!     Speaking of Serving missions... Mohammed Bangura a young man who is very mission ready, and Hawa Tholley we just baptized both this past Saturday. Mohammed was a recommendation from a recent convert about 2 months ago. He's very smart and progressed very fast through the lessons. Despite the nonsupport he is getting from his parents, he decided to join anyway. His parents are very sweet, but like many people here they dont want to leave their apostate churches. On the baptismal day I again asked him why he is joining, he said,"Something where it de inside me, done tell me say, I need for cam here." translation... I can feel the spirit in my heart. I need to be here!      Hawa Tholley, was a very sweet lady my former companion and I met when we newly came into this "Former sisters" area. She was very quiet and didn't know how to pray. She was Muslim but recently felt drawn to Christianity, Bro. Moses one of our security guards told her just the church to join. She started liking us and opening up more. She thanks us numerous times for teaching her how to pray.  She shows it by bringing us food all the time mmmm. Something that touches my heart about her is her love for the Temple... before we met her we saw on her teaching record that she had lost a daughter at a very young age, an divorced her husband for reasons left out. Although she never said it directly, I know she knows her Daughter is safe and will see her again. And I know the blessings of the Temple can one day bring her that peace in her life. I cant wait to teach her about the Millennium!


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