February 4, 2019


Makeni, Sierra Leone


Elder Raymond

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This week on mission. FHE, cashews, hair, and scripture cases. 
So this last Monday we had a FHE at one our favourite members here. The Conteh family was wonderful sweet and crazy as always. Mommy Conteh fixed up some delicious Groundnut soup (atop rice) your welcome Ryne. And afterwards we read some scriptures and planted (braided) our hair. 
Yesterday, Sunday, we were proselyting after church and all of our appointments and backups fell through. till 5. so we went to a members house and their kids were throwing stones and using sticks to knock some nut out of the tree. turns out they are harvesting Cashews mmmm. so why not... I grab a 10' stick and climb up. and knock a few down myself. No mom I was "Safe" and I have the video to prove it. after knocking down about 30 in our combined efforts, one Bor Bor (little boy) David starts digging a little hole and puts the Cashews in and lights some dead grass and starts to roast 'em on the spot. they take some rocks and beat the heack out of the black nuts and gets the Cashews out... mmmm
umm yea people like to plant (braid) Apoto (white man in Timine) here.  after the commandments lesson with sis Hawa we are joking around and we some how end up braiding hair... funny how that happens.
Umm this is called Country Cloth. is loom fabric and we as a zone made scripture cases. 
Well times out and I love you all. Gomwi panda wey!! (Mende) God be with you till we meet again. Elder Brendan Ball


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