December 10, 2018


Looking Town, Sierra Leone


Elder Reyes

Last in Looking Town

Ok so the first picture was on Thursday, My last district meeting in Kissy. We had a really interesting instruction on "Look beyond what you see" we all had a really good laugh because one of the approved movies is Lion King 1/2 and thats a quote there ahahhaah. but it was really cool as to why we need to Look beyond what we see. We don't know peoples lives at all and especially not at first glance. and in a spirtual way for us too where us as missionaries need to Look beyond what we see in every aspect of our work. In study to find new or hidden meanings, In teaching to use examples or parables that they will understand or to do what Ammon did in Alma 18:15-22. Being able to use that spirit of discernment in lessons and having thoughts or promptings come that would never otherwise come to mind. And in just dialy life. The people here, if you have a hard heart are pretty easy to reject, but their life is soo simple you literally just start talking about what they ate today and theyll start opening up to and soon you know almost everything about this person, who at first glance looks like a nobody; D&C 18:10.
Ok and the second pic.. umm yea I have no idea what it is, but its dried up and dead and beautify preserved... except for its head that is missing some how ???? we found it in the apartment generator room before I left. tastes like fruit snacks...
The third picture is some of the Mosarey family.. the greatest family in Salone. Masa Mosarey (not there) is the RS Pres. in the Kissy 2 ward and for the past 5+ months they have been feeding us almost every night and get mad when we dont come ahahah hey Im not complaining. they were almost my parents here. I go miss am te te teeee te!!! the pa on the left is one of the pioneering saints in salone and in 20_ _ he had a stroke and cant travel down the mountain or anywhere really. 
And the last pic is Le 1,000,000 that we tried to fit in my wallet... just because we can. and y not!! $100 is Le 860,000 I had to exchange some of my personal money 1) im almost out and Makeni has wood stuffs, Christ statues, nativity, name tags... so i needed to reload just in case. and tho most of it Le 750,000 was to pay back Sis. Clawson (mission pres. wife) for some dental work I had done. While flossing a filling poped out and Insurance doesn't cover it. Elder Brendan Ball


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