November 19, 2018



Elder Reyes

hey yallll

Well this week has been interesting! here is an entry from my journal
So I found out last minit that its stake conference!!! more like an Africa west area conference. We showed up at 9 oclock and boku boku people de! we end up sitting at the back with Bro. James Kamara (My RC) I gladly give him his own copy of gospel principals and the hymn book aooo hooo!! he was sooo happy. we all sat and listened to the tabernacle choir sing for an hour before  the broadcast started. during that time we were using bro james new hymn book and were singing along with the choir. during the broadcast, Gary E Stevenson, Joy B Jones, and Henery b Eyering speak to us. It was very loud and we were at the back so it was hard to pay attention but I remember hearing Joy b Jones say, "I would rather stand with god and be judged of the would than to stand with the world and be judged by god." she also spoke on integrity she quotes Thomas Jefferson saying, "act as if the whole world is watching you" she adds "In a more spiritual way... God is always watching over us" Dont hide from him. Henry B Eyering talked on families and continuing to do the things to strengthen families i.e. living the gospel of Jesus Christ. Parents need to continue to always do the prayer (Family) study (Family) although the kids still might be stubborn and make mistakes. Dont gibe up. Because in the long run they will remember that support and persistence form their parents. We should NEVER turn down an opportunity to teach out=r children about the gospel. We are never too tired. We are never too busy for the lord. We cant just passively study pray go to church. NO! We must be stead fast and constant. Some scriptures that poped into my head: @Ne 31:20 and Moroni 10:32-34. after that broadcast its a wild goose chase to find the Sesay family (Very awesome investigators a. an older couple that cant speak English... only Krio. they are being baptized on the 24th) i find them then i need to find the ZL's (Zone leaders) ton them again then the zl's then the Sesays then a place that is quiet for the interview, then the seasays, then the zl's then sis sesay, then the zl's again ahhhhhh chaos but hey both did fine Elder Thornburg (ZL 1) said that Sholah Sesay (The pa) was one of his favorite interviews on mission! he was open. talking alot and sharing things spiritual things despite his lack of education. and E. T-burg loved his testimony. Sis Fatmata Sesay was good too but we need to work on the definitions and principals in repentance Nelson and the BOM.

This week is going great kinda hahahah for 2.5 days we couldn't proslite because we both got (although not confirmed) Typhoid from some food. but we are better now.
Elder Brendan Ball


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