October 15, 2018


Looking Town, Sierra Leone


Elder Kaboshi

First baptism!

October 15, 2018
Just this last Saturday I had my first baptism on mission. woooooo hooooo! I helped bring 7 more of gods children unto the fold. Bro. Mohamed Fowai, a sponge when it comes to the gospel. hes also blind... which has been very fun! Sis. Hawa James, She is one of the first people I taught here in Sierra Leone. And it was soo cool and oddly reliving when she was baptized. all that hard work paid off. then Bro James Kamara, heres a cool story about him,
   Bro. Moses Conteh (Ward Missionary) and I just come out of dinner with a member at around 8:00pm and then head to our last appointment for  the night. Bro James Kamara. today's lesson is families and temples. We start and its a good lesson and he is learning lots! and asking many questions especially about baptisms for the dead. we get towards the end and start talking about temple sealing. and after finding out that his family can be together forever. he says something amazing, "I felt something" and pointed to his heart. I just about start tearing up as im explaining what that feeling is. at the close of the lesson I ask him to bear his testimony if he wants to. he agrees. and he starts off with how at first he was doubting a lot. he knew his son was a member (RM) and was always questioning him trying to prove him wrong. but when we the       missionaries came that feeling changed and he started to want to learn more... still doubting though. the last part he says kills me, "I had a feeling this church might be true, and it wasn't until now that I know why. although his testimony was small... it   was   there! and he's glad and i am too to learn more!  
His son the Returned missionary baptized and confirmed him and that was sweet pas mark! then we had 5 primary kids. Bro. Ibrihim Kargbo, bro Alusine Sillah , Bro Salieu Jalloh, Sis Sally Matu Kargbo and Sis Patricial Jusu. All were fun and cool to teach then baptize. 

Elder Brendan Ball


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