October 1, 2018

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My days have been a little crazy since I now dont have a companion. im with the Zone Leaders or ward missionaries. So tuesday last week was p day. Wednesday the zone leaders had to go to lungi for exchanges so since ward missionaries cant sleep at the apartment i had to go over to another apartment, Kontoloh. Wed and thurs were interesting seeing their area and their people. these missionaries are hilarious!!! the whole time elders Mehlo (S. Africa) and Abara (Nigeria) are trying to sell me ahah. hey hey sista sista we get pumwi (white man in Mendi) we like to sell una! 5 blok 5 blok... oh money no dere! no wahala! take em for free! Im laughing and playing along the whole time!! 

Friday im back to my area, LOOKING TOWN I MISSSSS YOUUU!! I go up with Bro. Joseph Babwey who is going to Nigeria on nov. 1 for his mission. 
Sat the same and sunday.
We mostly concentrate on IBD's 
Sis. Hawa James: one of the first sisters ive ever taught, shes amazing and very committed. were about to finish up all the lessons with her.Bro. James Kamara: He is a non member father of an RM son. He has ssoooo many questions! hes struggling to come to church but he is amazing to teach and he studies like a beast!!Bro Sholah Sesay and Fatmata Sesay: are our older couple that we teach. they ONLY SPEAK KRIO so its hard for me to teach. but the ward missionaries are sooo amazing with that.. I just sit back and watch these young pre missionaries teach away...
No time here you go heres an update
Elder Brendan Ball


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