August 20, 2018


Looking Town, Sierra Leone


Elder Kaboshi


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Date: Mon, Aug 20, 2018, 12:34 PM
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This week has been great! on the 18th we participated in the "All African Service Project" you can probably look it up. its an lds thing. but any way we cleened about 2 feet of dirt out of 300m of road way gutters. and then during prosiliting we ran up and down the mountain a bunch. I got this sick african tie and 2 shirts! Mission has been crazy busy! I almost feel overwhelmed with the amount of investigators we have +- 25. this last Sunday we had 15 at sacrament! If you ever want more investigators I be glady fo giv you some of wi yone! Naa just kidding I love them too much. OOOO on Friday probably the coolest, ah ha moment ever. the PMG says, when you dont have anything to talk about talk about the saviour and his atonement because everything ties into it. So I'm kind like hmm ok cool. but during one of our lessons with Sis. Fatima Koroma I, guess, had nothing to say my mind went blank except for what I studied this morning so I talk about, heres the ah ha, how the Plan of Salvation is our whole purpose in life, like today or tomorrow when ever you have time just think about that. from beginning to end. we are just fallen from heaven and trying to get back and the only way back is through the person who is at the center of the Plan of Salvation, Hymn 292. Im holdin back dem tears during the lesson but back at the apartment im up all night thinking about that. Its crazy amazing!! something crazy this week was during companion exchange Im with the zone leader and his area is city and smol mountain whereas Looking town (still) is all cliff. and while trying to find an investigator near the top, we... I... get us lost and we end up at the top like tip top. great view by the way. but we run into a less active and we talk for a bit and invite him back to church he's  just all happy too but we find out that he knows our lost investigator so he takes us there but was busy so he goes back home. on another day I found the biggest spider i've ever seen. like as big as your hand.. I named it George. and George likes to eat bugs. 
2 days ago or 5 by now for you anyway on the 18th there was a service project down at New Road (its called that because its newer then old road like seriously) and we were cleaning out the gutters. Salone (Sierra Leone) dosent have a real trash system so people litter everywhere and the rain washes it out to the ocean, gross, so we do that and the gutters before were about at the level of the street and when we finished the we dug out 2-3 feet of dirt, sludge and trash, mmmmm delicious XD. then we took a taxi to our area. and went to an appointment allll the way at the top of the mountain (the one I mentioned before except I didnt get lost) and then ran all the way back down to the chapel (very far) to meet someone from Kenema (across the country) selling my comp ties. I got one too! their awesome. it goes perfectly with my African shirt too. then run back up the mountain to the RS Pres. Sis. Masarey for a lesson, and an FM (free meal) mmm Plasas ( x + rice= plasas) today was beans (pronounced beanch) and fish (but a mouth full of bones though) atop rice whoo hooo! George who lives there was fine too.
Thanks for the happy birthday!! OHHHH yea i wiggle my ears here and do cross eyes too haha they all love it! tell Mack great job and Im also the organist here too. not really not last week but the 2 sundays beore that there was no organist there so I just jumped up there and started playing. RH on some but my sight reading is getting better with LH and on the hymns i know I try to use the peddels XD! So im in the same area. My first comp and area Elder Kabosha and Looking town. Kabosha has been there for 7 months so they moved him out. and I was the only one who knew the area so I stayed. then elder Nyandoro and Nwokoma came in after. Nyandoro went home to Zembabwe a week ago. and Elder Nwokoma is going home to Nigeria, River state after this transfer. so ill have to stay here at LEAST one more transfer (6-weeks) to train an elder on the area. so ill be in looking town for a long while. and dont you dare brag about the weather ahhhhhh its soooooo hot. 3 weeks ago we finaly got power in our apartment so the fans work at night now weeeee!!Thank you sooo much for the package. Ill still need my wrist brace. this ace wrap thing is not good for carying things or for p days. if you really cant find it and if you get another one make sure its the one with the thumb thing too not just a normal brace. My wrist only hirts at night after a long day of holding and reading scriptures in my left hand. or i use it as a precaution for sports (which im not doing anymore because of my bad luck aparently, ask mack about my leg) and when doing work.  
Wit Boku Boku Love!Elder Brendan Ball


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