July 2, 2018


Looking Town, Sierra Leone


Elder Kaboshi

First area

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From: Brendan Ball <>
Date: Mon, Jul 2, 2018, 10:27 AM
Subject: Re: First area
To: Cynthia Ball <>

Chicago thats COOLLL!! I would love to be there now haha. My first area is in Looking Town called Kissy. My companion is Elder Kabosha, he is from Zambia!  Pdays are mondays. and ummmm nothing is the same execpt we all breathe air. this first area is possibly the most hilly over all the mission. its like having houses at Kimbal Boy Scout Camp with how steep it is EVERYWHERE! so with that Im always tired and want to sleep and eat. which makes it hard to study and do paperwork, especially my journal. because thats 45 min of sleep i could be getting.  but im trying my best. there is trash everywhere. the "streets" which are more like mountian trails with concrete houses on them, are paved with old tattered clothes, trash, and water (blue foogy dirty). but its the people that make it worth it. all other aspectes about the mission, execpt the Ocotta which are motorcycle taxis, suck!  but when we are with a member, investagator, or talking to anyone its the best thing ever! which I think is the lords plan with that... make everything suck and be terrible so youll want to be with the people.

pictures next time when I get a cord.
Love you lots!
Elder Brendan Ball


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