June 21, 2018


Freetown,,Sierra Leone


Weekly Update 2.1

Sorry for the 2 emails there where some technical diffulcities so here it is again. 

 Can't write much this week ether. Here at the MTC they keep us very busyso mostly pictures today.    To all I'm doing awesome. the food and the culture is begining to growon me. The lessons are making sense. I'm learning many new and cool ways toshare the gospel with others. My companion and I are teaching Investagators(our teachers) for practice and with each lesson we are slowly but surelygetting better. I wish I could just copy and paste my journals with all myspiritual experiences and other experiences, because there just isnt enoughtime for the content. In one of these pictures there is a little kid. AndIll tell you what this is the coolest and most eager to serve kid ever. Wecall him Elder Small and he loves it since none of us can pronounce hisactual name. He and most all other Africans here LOVE cameras, LOVE to takepictures. You have to be careful when taking pictures because one momentthere is just 2 people then you have the whole MTC posing for a picture.Anyway I leave the MTC on Tuesday to head for Sierra Leone. I hope I canwrite more next time. See Ya'll in 2! 
 ​​Here are the 2 pics from the other email that couldent be opened.
Elder Brendan Ball


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