June 7, 2018



Safe in Ghana

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From: Rex Allen <>
Date: Thu, Jun 7, 2018, 6:16 PM
Subject: Safe in Ghana
To: Rex Allen <>

Dear parents,


We thought you’d be happy to know that we have welcomed Sister Jex and Elders Anderson, Baker, Ball, Barrezueta, Broadbent, Coon, Corbett, Edmonds, Ellsworth, Fullmer, Gibbons, Hadlock, Hawker, Jensen, Johnson, Judkins, Ogletree, Pace,
Roundy, Strong, Tenney M, and Tenney N here at the MTC. It is late here in Accra, about midnight, but we wanted to let you know. We are delighted to receive them. They’ve eaten and they are off to bed. They are the last to arrive among 116 coming in today
from 20+ countries in Africa and across the world.


Tomorrow morning we will go through the registration process, make sure all are healthy, and then they will launch into classes and meetings, sports and study, and finally MTC branch meetings tomorrow night. We are blessed to have the finest
missionaries in the world here, from our biased perspective. May our Living Lord bless you as you support your missionary. The daily miracles associated with this work continue to testify of its veracity. Here in Africa, the veil between this life and the
next is somehow thinner. Maybe because their faith is so strong and their sacrifice and commitment are so great.


Thank you for sending them to us.



President and Sister Allen

President, Ghana MTC

Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints


Office: +233 30 265 0292

Mobile: +233 24 432 9135



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