January 23, 2017


Pachuca, Mexico



Well I have to say this time goes by really fast. But I am starting to feel the change that happens to every missionary and i am starting to love the mission. I actually had a dream that somthing went wrong with my visa and i had to return home, and right before i woke up someone told me I had to take my name tag off. And I woke up sad. Haha, anyways i know my work here isn´t done yet and i still have much to learn on the mission. And i still the rest of my mission to learn.

Well the spanish is pretty awsome, its funny sometimes because somtimes in the lessons my companion will make a joke that i can´t understand what they are saying, and then i tell them that i actually do understand.

We had splits this week and a missionary from columbia named Elder Garnica came to my area. my trainer wasn´t to sure about me being able to find my way around the Prividencia because it is pretty much a maze, But I was able to go around just fine. And honestly that day was one of the best days i have had so far.
I have an experiance from my second week that I want to share. We went to this one house to teach a lady who probly about in her sixties, and i learned that she has the gift to see spirits, she told us that she sees dead people everywhere. And when she looked at me she told me that she could pretty much see pure light. She said that to my companion also but she says that she sees more in me. I told her about my little gift that I can also somtimes see other stuff. She then wanted me to say what i see in her, i didn´t know how to tell her that i can´t control it, so I just told her i saw light and happiness.

Like sometimes when i look at other people i can see what they can become when they are older. An experiance like that happened at the CCM, one of the Elders in the district went out of his comfort zone and told us that we need to be better as a district. (Because we were still adjusting and we were all party animals at heart) And for a second all his phisical features went away and I saw someone who looked like a mix of a spirit and a returned missionary.

this mission has been great and it is hard to beleive that i am 1/8 done already. and no i am not counting down the days i just learned this today. And i already feel like i have changed so much. Even my comp who honestly not the best trainer and is super weird, was able to help me see one of my biggest faults. Well he didn´t tell me, the message literally has to come from Heaven and appear into my mind. And our relationship became way better after that.

Love you both and am grateful for you two.

Con Amor, Tú Hijo. Elder Brecken Derek ESpercer Allred.

(People here cant say ssssss and always call me ESpencer And down here they use both the last names of both their parents, so that would be my name if i was born here)



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