January 2, 2017


Pachuca, Mexico



Well its great to hear that everyone had a great time at the temple. This week we had intercambio which is pretty much a split for the day. And I was paired with a white guy who has been out here for a year so he speaks good spanigh and english. it helped me see what a mission could be like when you can just talk with your companion. But the launguage is coming. I can now understand alot of words that they say but its is still difficult to get the full idea. But if anything other people are saying that I am ahead than the average new missionary. Its the weirdest thing though to hear a latino say to another latino that I dont understand spanish, when I am understanding what they actually are saying.

The food has been pretty good here, but only the mexican food, at some members houses they have tried to feed me food that I would eat in the states but it never tastes good. Another funny thing is that I like spicy food and chili more than my latin companion, and his stomach has a harder time with the food than mine, even though he has like 22 weeks in the mission. Only problem i have with the food here is that the members feed me too much, and they always tell me that I can eat a little more. Last night we had a meal with a family and at the end of the meal I could not eat any more. But before we left the mother insisted that we have another glass of the most carbonated soda I have ever had. I spent the whole walk home burping until i felt better.

One more thing, turns out the shots that the doctor perscribed for the swelling in my arm are actually steroids, so I guess I cant say anymore that I have never been on steroids.


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