December 26, 2016


Pachuca, Mexico


Christmas Celebrations

Well i dont know what to say because we just talked for an hour last night. But one thing if you do end up sending my ipod it would probly be best to take the songs that are not mission apropriate off. And if you could put on more church music like from the movies prince of egypt, and Joseph king of dreams and also efy music. If you have to, you can reset the ipod and hook it to your account. And if you know where my bluetooth speaker is that would be great to have to because i shouldn`t use headphones.

But for normal packaging, more soap would be great and also the supplements have been a great help and i dont know where to get some decent vitamins here. Also if you could spare some cocounut oil. And the exercise clothes that i was talking about. I was thinking about my black shorts with the grey lines down the sides. then the full grey workout shirt. I was actually planning on taking those but I forgot. That would be super helpful So if you sent stuff like that to help me i would really apreciate it. And it doesn`t have to be all at once, please only do it when you are able to.

Another thing that I am sorry that I forgot is my retainerđŸ˜…

Tengo mucho amor a Ustedes. Seré tu hijo siempre

Elder Spencer


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