January 16, 2017


Pachuca, Mexico


A much better week

Well this week was much better for me, mostly because I worked alot and can´t really remember what I did because i did so much.

And I really have to say that I have been feed alot of stuff that is just weird. Mostly I eat chicken, beef, beans, and suprisingly alot of pasta. And every time we have tortillas next to use because people here eat everything with tortillas. So i have had alot of tacos, but never a hardshell. One thing i remember i ate was broth with a chicken breast in the middle and zuqunni was floating in the broth. Another is chicken soup that has huge kernals of corn that didn´t taste like anything.
They have pizza down here but they don´t put sauce in it, but they smother it with ketchup, so i guess it has flavor.
One time before I ate somthing that i knew i didn´t like, so i ate a pepper that was supper spicy to numb my taste buds before i ate it, then it didnt taste that bad.

Andres is still on track to be baptized he only needs one more sacrament meeting, so his baptism is next sunday, we also are starting to teach his family, turns out that his wife is inactive but she wants to return to the church.

My spanish has gotten better, especially that now my companion and i teach principals of the gospel every sunday in the chapel, the original teacher has been unable to go for a while. I have more pictures but this computer is super slow. I hope everyone is doing good and i love you all!

Elder Spencer


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