November 16, 2016


Mexico City CCM


Buenos días

Buenos días
So today is my first full P-day, since the temple took up most of the one last week, and now i can finally take a break from a full day full of classes. The spanish is coming to me even more now that im into week three and its fun to have small conversations with my companion. Mi compañeros nombre es Elder Strong. He is from from washington. we get along pretty well I have to hold him back sometimes when we are teaching investigators (actors) cause he always goes into to much detail on every topic, he took three years of spanish in highschool so at first he knew more spanish than me, but, now I know enough to understand what the investigator is asking us and the lessons go way smoother.
Teaching the investigator actors has been a great experiance for me cause i can now try to have a conversation in spanish. I saw Dennis judd at the comedor and got a picture, but, after the picture a bunch of latinos swarmed me for the rest of the pictures. the natives here are really fun to talk to, and they love to have fun.
At the end of last week a intestinal infection spread throughout the entire CCM. Almost everybody got sick and about 4 out of 10 people had to go on bed rest. Five people in our district were put on bedrest. Thankfully I was one of the few that was minimaly affected. Hope you all are well, and thanks for the package, and yes the money you found is tithing.
​Elder Spencer


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