November 9, 2016


Mexico City CCM



It is so great that Pday is here. Earlier today i got the chance to go to the temple, the video was translated to english but i had to say everything in spanish! The district that I was put in is awsome, we all like to have fun and theyve been a great help all week. Its been pretty great with all the spanish on the third day we had to give a lesson to a investigator actor and the investigator only responded if we spoke to here in spanish, all I can say is we tried our best and the lessons after kept getting better and better.

Mexico city is crazy! The traffic here alone was enough the only way i can think to say it is that there is less rules, when we first drove through mexico city from the airport we saw people walking through traffic selling tamales to people in the cars, someone joled about buying one but the bus driver said there may be cocaine in them.Even though this week was long I learned so much, my spanish alone is already better than a year in high school, ans somthing about singing songs in spanish brings such a strong spirit, and its way fun.

I hope you all are doing well, i pray for you guys every night (In Spanish) and if anybody wants to send more than one letter a week just use the online letter system since I can only check my email once a week love. A ustedes les amo!


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