August 14, 2017


Damascus, Maryland


Elder Tucker

Walk by Faith

Hey everyone! Had a super fun week this week! Picked up some sweet new investigators! Jerry Perry is coming along great. We have another couple investigators that are also doing super well, and should be coming to Church this next week… Harold Hansen, Richard, and Layton. Really excited for that! We have a family of 8 we started teaching this week and we are supposed to go over on Tuesday again, I'll let you know how it goes. I have a super funny story to tell you about this last week. I was talking to Elder Stone telling him about some investigators he was going to stop by the next day with a priest in our ward. I told him that this family was super cool, but they had a secret password to be able to get into their gym down stairs. The password was "cacocheran" So while elder Vu and I were at a meeting that night, Elder Stone stopped by these investigators house, saw that their side door was open, so he walked in and yelled "cacocheran" hahahaha!!! In Elder Stone's own words he said "there was an awkward silent pause for about 5 seconds then I knew Elder Shouse was messing with me." hahaha!!! He went on to say that there was no recovery from that and that it was awkward for the rest of the time he was there. When Elder Vu and I got back that night he told us the story, it was hilarious, me telling it doesn't do it justice :)

Anyways this week has provoked a lot of thought within me on faith. I have thought a lot about the trials our investigators have gone through and their concerns. At times they have thrown me for a loop, testing my patience, diligence, and have shown me the constant need for revelation. But it has been very apparent to me that as we have had investigators that have dropped off or have stopped investigating the church, it is because they lack faith. I am not saying that every person that does not find the Book of Mormon or The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints to be true doesn't have faith, most of the time they are miss informed trusting someone's opinion rather than asking God themselves. If they only would have asked in faith believing that God would tell them, they would have received an answer. Walking by Faith, I have come to know it is the path that Christ will walk along side of us, and more importantly, the path we choose for ourselves shows how much we really love the Savior. I guess my focus this week, and for the weeks to come is to reevaluate my faith by asking my father, what lack I yet? Developing greater faith will help each of us be better prepared to overcome the obstacles each of us will have. Let us all try to develop greater Faith in him who will never fail us, even Jesus Christ. I say this in His name, amen.
Love you all,
Elder Shouse


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