May 20, 2017


Damascus, Maryland


Elder Tucker

Plan of Happiness

Hey everyone! So the transition has been super good, Winchester is sweet, my new comp is awesome! This week has been fun, we have twelve investigators right now, two of them are on date for this week and next week! And there are a couple others who loving learning about the Heavenly Fathers plan of happiness! Victor will be getting baptized this week, and Charles next week! Victor was picked up as a street contact and in a matter of 6 weeks has completely turned his life around, super excited for him! Charles wife is a member and they recently got married and right off the bat, he immediately clung to the gospel! Pretty awesome! I got to talk to my family for mothers day! Defiantly the highlight of my month! Being able to see everyone is priceless! So everything is going super good right now! We have a bunch of lessons planned for this week, stay posted, good things to come! Also sorry this is so late in the week that I'm getting back to you guys!

For my thought this week, I wanted to talk about the Plan of Salvation (God's plan for us). Its been pretty cool over the last week most of the lessons we have taught have been on the Plan of salvation; sometimes also known as the plan of happiness. Our god's plan is so complex and perfect, yet simple enough for a child to understand it. It encompasses our pre-mortal life, mortal life, life after death and eternal life. Our Father, infinite in glory and dominion, gave us knowledge of this plan in that pre-mortal realm. It was there that we developed our spiritual attributes, and were foreordained for specific missions here in this life. Here we have the opportunity to continue that developmental process, learning and growing. Finding ourselves in our pursuit for the Father and His Son. At the center of the greatest plan ever designed, was Jesus Christ, the Savior of the World, our elder brother, the Only Begotten of the Father. He went forth suffering pains and afflictions of every kind so that the word may be fulfilled. This act of compassion, love, and charity is what gives our lives purpose. Because of His atoning sacrifice, we can change become anew, and in this life, learn to be like Jesus Christ, the Son of our Father. Mistakes will be made, we will falter, and at times fail. But the God of this World is aware of us, you! Me! He is full of mercy and is ready to extend is hand always. This simple knowledge of my savior has changed my life, and I hope my eternity, having hope (assurance) in Him is one of the greatest attributes we can obtain because it can last forever. We know and understand that our mortal prohibition is short and the separation of our bodies from our spirits (death) will come to all in this life. We will enter a waiting room of spirits known as the Spirit World. There we will wait for the second coming of our Lord. Those who have not accepted this gospel will receive a chance to, and those who have will continue to progress by having the opportunity to teach others what gave them so much happiness in this life. Christ will come, we will be resurrected and judged. God will judge the intentions of our hearts, the difficulty of each persons situation in this life and we will receive a degree of glory based on the knowledge we had and actions we made based on that knowledge. Those three kingdoms are the telestrial, terrestrial, and Celestial. Of course the end goal is to receive a place in the highest kingdom, which is the Celestial this is where God is and each of us must strive in this life to return to our Father, and receive a place in this the highest kingdom!
I have gained a testimony of this because I feel the spirit as I teach this to others, because I've asked God if it is true, and I have received a confirming answer. It is true! God has given us everything, even a plan to return to Him. I pray we will do all that we can to attain attributes of Christ in this life, and become one day like our Eternal Father. This is my witness, in the name of our Savior Jesus Christ Amen.

Elder Shouse


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