October 13, 2017


Damascus, Maryland


Cameron Stone

Good things to come

Two letters:
Letter #1

Oct. 2nd
Hey everyone! Another great week! I guess I say that a lot! Each day is what YOU make of it. We were able to see our investigator Latrell and her daughter this week. Her daughter has been reading the book of Mormon and wants to be baptized. We will be going over this week and watching conference with them and to put them on date. We were able to pick up a few other investigators and things are going well!

Good things to come, is what I got out of General Conference. Such hope is received after hearing these profound messages. As we come prepared to receive answers to questions, they are answered specifically for us. The broad directions we have to choose in life, can be specified, narrowed, and prioritized. I can rejoice with you and say that our Father in Heaven has answered my prayers, and will continue to do so as we review, ponder, and pray about these divine messages.

One message that was of great importance to me was President Nelson's and the question he gave. Would you choose ruby's and diamonds or the Book of Mormon. For those of us that have read the Book of Mormon and followed the counsel of Moroni, understand that spiritual diamonds and ruby's are far greater than that of what can be given to us temporally. We know that this is life's purpose, to find those spiritual treasures and use them. We know like Elder Nelson pointed out that Celestial Glory cannot and will not be attained unless scripture study is a priority along with daily prayer. After Conference I have the desire to push the limits on spiritual things, get to a greater playing field, working harder for the spirit and its supernal influence. I testify of this meeting, and I testify of its divine help. In his name even Jesus Christ Amen.

Love Elder Shouse

Letter #2
Hey guys! Things are great! We had stake conference yesterday. A lot of good things we're said and Jerry Perry was able to sit up in front. President Groll (our stake president) came and talked with him for a little while. Jerry Perry is going to go to the Temple the week after I leave...:( its alright though, he's moving along so well! We started teaching a family this last week. We are going back over on Thursday! But have been trying to go to all the less actives in our area to get them to come to church this next week! Ill let you know how that goes.

I wanted to base my remarks today upon The Book of Ether. Ether is one of my favorite books within the Book of Mormon it tells of a man who had faith enough to see the Lord. There trials and trek to the promised land, and their wars and contentions while there. Then finally their ultimate destruction. It has been apparent to me while reading this history, that when the people had a good king, they thrived, and when they began to have kings of a low character, that lead to destruction. The people followed the example of the king. If we relate this to our bodies, I would say that the mind is our king. Our mind controls our thoughts, actions, desires, and temptations we succumb to, it all comes from the mind. Never did any of the Kings in the Book of Ether decide in the middle of their reign to start being bad, but I believe that it was their nature to be righteous and stalwart before the Lord. If we understand the simple doctrine that the Lord knows the thoughts and intents of our heart, we know that these will either one day save us, or condemn us. This is so important to see in this short probation. Of course no one, other than the Savior is perfect. But I do believe that we can change our nature. Usually what consumes our minds, will consume our heart. Let us be consumed by the wonderful light in which or Savior radiates. He is truly the light of the World! We will be able to find him within the small pages of the scriptures, and in our sacred places in which we pray. Those two things will bring us closer to Him and closer to being like Him. In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

Elder Shouse


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