February 24, 2020


San Carlos


Elder Norton

Week 78 - Good ole San Carlos

Some of my favorite parts of the semana are walking through my area and seeing a guy riding a horse down the middle of main street wearing jordans and basketball shorts. There is a lot of things I see here and it's like wow what an experience... cause they are things I'm only going to see here in San Carlos. This week was really good we were able to help Christian and Mariela decide to get married! We will be with them in these next weeks to get their papers ready and everything. Also I've been teaching a guy here for a long time named Elvio Vargas. This week he finally decided that it was time to get baptised... so with the help of Christ and the members we ae going to help all three of them get baptised. Funny thing... my kid left his debit card in the bank and we waited 3 hours to talk to one person... but we were able to talk with so many people in the bank that all asked us like what are you 2 gringos doing here and we were like well we are representatives de Cristo. So I guess Argentine banks are a good place to meet people cause everyone is bored and like to hear our weird accents. Love y'all have a good week!


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