December 23, 2019


San Carlos


Elder Garner

Week 69- The Spider Returns, Also Argentine Nativities

So this week was a good one. We were working really hard just trying to find and help spread the true meaning of Christmas right before the season. It was good we had another good noche de hogar for navidad. Then we were going out literally just trying to find all the people we have been teaching. There was a lot of work to do. On Wednesday we got home at night and were getting ready to plan and our door was open, cause it's always so hot, and another huge spider just walks in and my comp just freaks out. I caught it with a cup and we burned it. Then on Friday we had a branch dinner. It was really good! Really fun, and a cool Argentine nativity. But we almost couldn't get there. They are doing a lot of protests in my area and like pretty much shutting down the buses. So we didn't have a bus to get there so we went walking. It is really far away like 15 miles. But we got there. It's going to be a good last Christmas here. We just going to help more people remember why we celebrate it and also have some good asado with our buddies so thank you Aunt Ann for funding that. Love you all and hope y'all tengan un feliz navidad.

Feliz Navidad from San Carlos, Mendoza, Argentina!

My computer is tooo slow I'll send more pics later.


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