November 18, 2019

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Week 64 - Wormy!

Hey guys I just realized that it is Holiday here so everything is going to close soon so I'm just writing y'all an update before they kick me out. This week was good we are teaching a guy named Juan Carlos that's going to get baptized the 30th of this month, he loves the gospel the only problem that we have is that he doesn't understad the Restoration and so we are really focusing on that, he just has the desire to get baptized but it doesn't matter in what church so we are gonna help him get a testimony of the church!! Then I found out I have worms, it's a weird feeling to have them I'm like always hungry cause they just eating what I eat, then we went to some cool parts of our area to find new people and it was good, we also found mint to put in our mate. Then we had interviews and mine was good, Pres talked with me a lot about getting ready for after the mission to get married and start a family and it was just way spiritual and funny. I'll try to write more in a bit but we will see! Love you guys so much and please pray for Juan Carlos so that he can understand the Restoration! Love y'all


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