November 11, 2019


San Carlos


Elder Garner

Week 63-Another Good Week!

Week 2 was really good, full of success! Tuesday we had a good lesson with Susana, then we had to go to consejo de la rama, we have a lot of councils in this ward cause we have to coordinate between 2 different places and the Pres. has to tell me some the stuff I have to do. Then that night we had intercambios and I was with elder Vergel de Colombia and he is a super good guy, also Tuesday in the morning I had to do another intravista bautismal and it was soo good, we went to her baptism after. Wednesday was good I was able to help Elder Vergel put baptism dates, it's crazy being the district leader, people always are asking me for advise and stuff. Thursday was good we had more good lessons and Friday too, then Saturday we went to the baptism and since the church is small in all of the Rama we baptise in a pool it's cool. Sunday I had to teach sunday school and I chose to talk about the talk by Elder Swarez about 'taking up our cross' and it really hit home and it was a lot like the poem you shared with me mom, and I just testify of the atonement and how it strengthens us. I love you guys so much!

The pictures are from pday of my district and a river that we went to.
I am going to get someone to take me fishing si o si.


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