September 23, 2019


Colonial Bombal


Elder Astohuayhua

Week 56-Keep Strong in the Faith

Hey y'all, I had just barely written a whole letter to you guys but then the wifi went out so here it goes again. This week was a bit challenging but I'm looking at the bright side and the blessing side.

Last week found we new family that we just started to teach. La familia Bustos. When we knocked the door and- I said do you have a moment to talk about Christ and his love that he has for you the hermana said si, pasen chicos. We taught the Restoration and it was the strongest I felt the spirit in a while. This week we passed by Wednesday and we taught the plan of salvation. We got to the part in the lesson where we talk about our life and what we have to do here on earth and we said we have to tener fe, arrepentirnos, bautizarnos, recibir el espíritu santo, y perseverar. And the hermana said well when you guys have a baptism let me know and I'll come and get baptized, I was so suprised, that has never happend to me before. We explained to her that she has to learn a bit more and come to church but after that she can get baptized and she was really happy. Long story short she has a date planned for 12 of October and is going to come to church next week. I'm blessed to be here and to have experience like that. Tender mercys.

That was the best part. Funny thing, guess what I've been eating for dinner. Carrots. I bought 2 kilos or 4 pounds for like 50 cents and thats all I've been eating... well eggs too. But don't worry about me guys, I'll go look for a new jacket and I'll keep on keeping on.

I love you guys so much and I'm sorry the only pictures I have are of the dog bite and my ripped jacket.

Love yall so much !


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