September 2, 2019


Colonial Bombal


Elder Astohuayhua

Week 53 - Guarden los mandamientos

(Keep the comandments)

Well as y'all know, I'm now an oldie in the mission. I have a good year under my belt, but don't y'all worry I'm not trunky, I'm more motivated than ever. This week was a really good week. We had a really good lesson with the familia Contreras, they want to get baptized and have already came to church 3 times I'm excited for that. Wednesday was an awesome day, we had a conference with all of Argentina and President Nelson came to Buenos Aires and spoke. The topic that hit me the most was that everyone that talked talked about the importance of keeping the comandments. (Mosiah 2:41) and it's so true we've got to stay firm and keep the comandments. After the Conference I burned my shirt. That felt pretty good too haha. Thursday we had zone conference and our assistant told us that we are the only ones that can help the people in our area, and that really hit home, no one else has the authority to teach in my area. Mom asked me what is my why, and well its been asked a lot to me and my why is that I love you guys so much and I know that we are an eternal family and well... I think others need that opportunity too, I want to help others find the joy and comfort in knowing that familias son para siempre. I love you guys so much and I'll keep praying for Grandma. Also one down one to go!

Alright I have a lot of pictures this week but the computer isn't really working so I'll send them from the church computer.


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