July 15, 2019


Colonial Bombal


Elder Astohuayhua

Week 46 - Hey Y'all

Guys this week was great seriously. We had the 2 baptisms and everything turned out perfect. We've been working with familia Alcazar a lot and to see them get baptized this week and help with the baptism was amazing. On Sunday we got to confirm them and then during the reuninin the speakers talked a lot about templos and Hermano Alcazar asked us when they can go and it was amazing and the spirit was amazing. Then this week we have been working with a part family and that family has gone to church 2 times now and we taught them and extended the invitation to get baptized and they accepted so if everything goes well, we will have 2 more baptisms.

Mom asked me a little bit about repentance and repentance is one of my favorite topics. All of us need to look at repentance for how it really is, it is a gift, not a burden, gracias a Jesucristo tenemos la oportunidad a limpiar todo, tenemos este don gracias al amor que el tiene para nosotros!

Dad asked me what I learned about obiedincia and well, como un missionary, es muy importante porque por medio el espiritu, trabajamos pero si no tememos el espiritu no podemos and when we are being obedient we have the spirit and everything is just a whole lot easier!

I just want to let you guys know like always that I love y'all so much and I'm so greatful for this oppurtunidad to be here and to help these people cause I love them a lot too.


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