March 4, 2019


San Miguel


Elder Johnson

Week 27

Mom's letter:
Haha embrace the mud that was a throw back! That's so cool how many are going there like it's all Grant first going! This week nothing really happend we have some investagators that are progressing that is it. It's crazy I've been here for like 6 months now it has flown bye! Honestly mom when members just set a good example for others that is the best way to share the gospel to people and just be their friends it helps more than anything that! But yeah I've hit a groove everyday is the same and I've gotten used to it. I went on exchanges with Elder dyey and it was way fun that was the highlight me and Dye started together in the ccm and completed 6 meses juntos! How is everything at home. I hope you guys are doing good and the missionarys have almost found out how it works here so I'll be calling soon I have to buy an adaptor that's it! I love you soo much mom I hope everything is good for you!

Dad's letter:
I'm sure your allowed to watch Rugby on Sunday, well at least here in Argentina you can watch soccer!! And I can't believe they won again that's dope how did my boys do there, the Royal's? I cnayt wait till we get to go too! Guess what 6 months down que tal! It's pretty crazy that I've been here for this long! This week was cool, you know how I talk about Elder Dye a lot, cause he is my best bro here, my lidere de zona let me and him to intercambios on our 6 month anniversary it was so fun! I got to go see a new area again and it was good yi learned a lot from him! Then this week we have been teaching a family who really want to get baptized but one of the son's has some problems with smoking so we are working on that! I hope you have a good week! Are you still there!!?
ps flan is pretty good!


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