January 28, 2019


La Favorita


Elder Harrison

Week 22 - My comp asked for trials

This week was one of the crazyiest and most rewarding weeks of my whole mission! Tuesday started off normal like always we had a lot of lessons and everything but on Wednesday we got a call from one of our investagators. We had just taught her the law of chasity and she realized she needed to get married so she talked to her boyfriend and he didn't want to get married and he wanted nothing to do with the Church, so he threw her out of the house. That was really hard for us because we didn't know what to do and we talked to our President and we couldn't do anything! It was a horrible feeling to have someone that you care about be homeless, she didn't have a job and all of her family lives in Chile. We eventually figured everything out and she is back in her house but we are going to keep praying for her to find a situation so she can get baptized!
This Saturday I had my first baptism, we baptized Vannessa, a person that we have been working with forever. It was so amazing to help someone enter into the waters of baptism and covenant with our Padre Celestial. This week we have 2 more baptisms!
Today I completed 5 months in the mission, and looking back on these 5 months my life has changed so much and I know that it is all a part of my plan. These past 5 months some things changed in my life, people that I cared for a lot stopped caring about me, and it was hard, I went through a hard first couple months with not knowing the language and normal stuff like that, but I've learned that you just need to put alll of your trust in the Lord because everything will work our perfectly! I'm so greatful for this mission because I have grown so much more than I have ever grown in my life and I'm extremly blessed for that. Thank you all for your prayers and I hope you all have a great week!


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