January 21, 2019


La Favorita


Elder Harrison

Week 21 (Group) The Evangelio is perfect but the members aren't.

This week was such a good week for us I have learned and grown so much this week and in these past 5 months. We have an investigator who I have been teaching for 2 months now and she is finally ready for baptism! We are way happy for that but we got a little nervous for her this Sunday. We were sitting in church and she was sitting next to me and she told me I need to talk to the Sunday School teacher after class and I said ok. After class she started to talk to the Sunday School teacher, apparently she was offended by him a long time ago and had a problem that she needed to work out. The teacher is a really nice man and really strong in the gospel and literally helps the missionaries so much. Anyways her and the teacher started to argue in the hallway for a long time and I was scared that she wouldn't want to get baptized and all I could do was just have faith that everything would work out. I'm pretty sure they did work things out and she is still going to get baptized. The message I want to share to you all is that the church and its teaching are perfect they are the same teaching of nuestro salvador Jesucristo. The people in this gospel are far from perfect, we are all sick and go to church to be healed from our infirmities, that's the power of this gospel. Here a lot of times people get offended from someone in the ward and end up going inactive but that is not what Christ taught us. He taught to love one another and to forgive all because we are all learning and here to learn. Just remeber to do as Christ did and love all and realize that todos tienen errores en sus vidas que ningún persona es perfecto. Nuestro salvador es el único que es perfecto!
Love Elder Mecham
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