October 29, 2018


La Favorita


Elder Raymant

Week 9 - Week 3 in Argentina (group letter)

Ive been out for 2 months now, that is crazy! Everything has been starting to go so good. Me and Elder Raymant work so hard, he is seriously the best trainer and is helping my to start off my mission right! All of out baptismal dates fell because they didn´t come to church yesterday so that was pretty rough but its ok cause we are going to keep working with them and the lord will bless their lives and they will start to feel his love even more! I also had the oppertunity to go on splits this week with Elder Agular this week and that was really fun! We are working hard with the members of our ward to help reactivate some members because there are only 30 people in Barrio La Favorita! But however all of them are so amazing and so strong and such great examples. This week has been full of ups and downs but im thankful because it is mostly full of ups! Like yesterday i gave my first blessing in spanish and that was sooo amazing and the spirtit is so strong.
Yo se que este la verdad iglesia, la mismo iglesia que fue en el mundo en el tiempo de Jesucristo, yo se que dio nos ama y el quiere nosotros estamos feliz en nuestro vidas y el sera bendice nos cuando nosotros obedecemos sus mandamientos, y yo se que yo recibo bendiciones come fuerza. ¡Yo se que este es el evangelio restaurado!
I know that this is the true church, the same church that was in the world at the time of Jesus Christ, I know that he gives us love and he wants us to be happy in our lives and he will bless us when we obey his commandments, and I I know that I receive blessings as strength. I know that this is the restored gospel!


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