March 11, 2020




Elder Sanchez

March 11, 2020

Oiiiiii familia ¿que onda?
So I am kind of disappointed because this week was awesome and a ton of fun stuff happened and I got a bunch of awesome pictures but I left my camera in the house so I can't send them this week. (dang it) It's fine haha But ya first of all.... Baptism week!😁 We baptized Angie on Sunday morning and it was an awesome experience! This is someone that has truly found happiness in the gospel. You could see it in her eyes as she left the water and it made me feel so grateful for the gospel that we have.
That was one of the many spiritual highs of the week. Now some of the crazy/funny moments. On Friday night we entered the house after a great day in the work and saw a mouse on our table which quickly ran and hid behind some papers.😐 My companion freaked out like a little girl and we spent the next hour chasing this thing around the house trying to kill it. We had it cornered just short of a billion times and it escaped without us seeing what happened or where it went. We tipped over the beds, the fridge, tables, and chairs trying to kill this thing. I had my machete swinging at this thing as it ran across the floor. Then it ran by the fridge and while I was trying to kill it, I cut the cord of the fridge.😐 (we spent the next 15 minutes trying to fix the fridge which we eventually did.) After about an hour we finally killed it. That was another crazy highlight. 😂😂 Crazy day!

Just wanted to share a cool experience that we had. We were having a pretty brutal day. Nobody was in their house, No one was answering the door, the phone, nothing. So after about 3 hours of contacting we decided to sit down and say a prayer that we would be able to find someone to visit. About 5 seconds later a less active sister came out of her house and said hi to us. We asked where she was going and she said she just wanted to say hi. Then she invited us into her home to share a message with her. We had an awesome visit with her about the importance of the church and how it can bless her life. Then afterwards she gave us a ride to the church for a baptism and also gave rides to two of our investigators. I didn't even realize until later that night how big of a miracle that was. It was amazing.🙏😁 I know that God loves us and that he loves his children and that whatever we ask of him in the name of our savior that is just, he will give it to us. The church is true and I am so grateful to be a part of it.

With love, Elder Laing


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