December 4, 2019




Elder Gardner


Hey family!
Ok so I have had a pretty crazy week! We had changes this week already! Wow and I got changed to an area called Parados and its in the capital. So this is a huge change. I've been here for like almost a day and I still haven't sweated! It feels so good. haha Ya but I went from the weakest branch in the mission to one of the strongest wards of about 200 people! And our church building is huge! Well actually its about normal size but the chapel in Taxisco was tiny so it just feels huge. haha My new companion is Elder Gardner from eagle mountain Utah. He is dope. Its kind of cool because I already know him because he was in my district in Chiquimulilla. So ya we are going to have a great time! Any ways but it took me literally all day to get to my new area. I left Taxisco at 6 in the morning and didn't get here till 6 at night. So ya it was quite the adventure getting to my new area, but that is kind of a long story. Anyways ya I have had a crazy last couple of days. I've been getting changed a ton. I only have 4 months on the mish and I'm already on my 5th companion, and 3rd area. But it's so dope! The capital is so dope but it is a whole different world from the coast. The people are a little bit harder to talk to than the coast but I'm ready for new adventures that are ahead of me. I hope that everything is going as good at home as things are going here. I love each of you so much and I am praying for you guys.


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