January 8, 2020




Elder Gardner


Hey Everyone!
Buenas tardes a todos! Espero que todos esten bien!😁 Hey guys good to talk to you again. I hope you guys are all good and your testimonies are growing! I feel good because the gospel is true and I am here as a missionary in Guatemala and I am blessed with an awesome family and great friends both at home and here on the mission! The mission is great and I love the work and I love the people! I was reading this week in my personal study and Preach my Gospel took me to a chapter in the Book of Mormon that was awesome that I would like all of you to read! Alma chapter 32. This is an awesome chapter about the mission work and about the faith in our savior Jesus Christ. I don't really understand it yet but everytime I read the Book of Mormon I seem to get something new out of it. This book is so powerful that I have come to know and love more and more every day here in the mission. I hope that you are all striving to read and learn everyday from the Book of Mormon because it really is the word of God and it is another testament of Jesus Christ! I know that he is my savior and that he loves you all.

-Something that kind of stinks, I still don't have my camera fixed because apparently there is no where close for me to fix it. So no pictures this week which really stinks but it is alright.

-We had changes again this week already but my companion and I are still together and we still didn't change but we got a bunch new missionaries in the zone who are pretty dope.

-Love you guys tons and thank you so much for all of your support.

-Gracias a todos por todo de su apoyo. Les amo un monton! La iglesia es verdadera y Jesucristo es nuestro salvador. Les amo a todos y el les ama tambien!

Elder Laing


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