January 22, 2020




Elder Gardner


Hey guys!
So this week has been awesome!
I am going share one experience that I had this week. This week we had the opportunity to meet as a mission for a multi zone conference. This was so fun and an awesome opportunity to feel the spirit very strongly. In this multi zone we found out who our new mission president was going to be which was pretty crazy. It is going to be President Hruska and his wife and they are from Texas. They will be our new leaders starting this June. So that is going to be kind of new and weird but it will be cool. We saw pictures of them and learned a little bit about them and they seem awesome. I am excited to meet them. And I think that this multi zone was my favorite yet. It was pretty much meant to pump us up and I got PUMPED! We watched a talk from Elder Holland called We are all Enlisted. This talk was so powerful and the spirit was so strong, how they usually are with Elder Holland. I highly recommend watching it! The message was basically that I have been called as a representative of Jesus Christ. The most powerful yet loving being in this universe. And as such a representative I must serve with my might and show the power, authority, and love that has been bestowed upon me. It made me feel so excited to be a missionary. I thought I was excited before but this put me on a whole new level of excitement! Then we just straight up two videos to get you pumped up to like win the olympics or go destroy someone on a football field and you guys already know that I got pumped from that. We went back to our area after that and I talked to like a billion people that day and this week. I went to bed that night feeling really happy and excited to be here as a missionary! I love the work and I love the Lord and I love the people of Guatemala. I know that the church is true and that our Savior Jesus Christ loves each and every one of us! I hope everyone has a great week! Va pueeeeeees!❤😁💪


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