November 13, 2019


Taxisco Guatemala


Elder Calero

Week 15

Hey family!
Hey guys! Another week down in the mission. Crazy! A ton of stuff happened this week so I'll try to fit it all in there but we will see. Ha Ha Ya but I am doing so good and I am loving being out here on the mish. But dang, I'm sorry to hear about Dad. I know how he feels and it is not fun at all. I will be praying for him this week. I know you guys are receiving blessings and protection while I'm out here on the mission so I know everything will be ok.
But anyways, we got to hear an apostle this week which was sick! Elder Bednar spoke to us yesterday and it was the coolest thing ever. It was nothing at all what I expected. Instead of it being a talk that we took notes to, it was a discussion the whole time and also a Q and A session but it was so cool. He focused on somethings that are vital for us to learn as children of God. He taught that our connection with the spirit is the most important thing that we can possibly have. And it's something that the majority of us miss in the church. He told us to not write down a single thing that he says but to only write down the things that the spirit taught us because He is the real teacher.
This new point of view changed everything and I learned so much more than I could have. What a blessing that we have to have apostles and prophets in our day guiding us. Our connection with the Spirit and His promptings is vital to our spiritual survival. I know that we can learn so much from the gift of the Holy Ghost. All of the things that I've learned from the things that were never said are amazing and it has opened up my mind in how I can make myself more spiritually converted. I know that our Heavenly Father loves us and that Jesus Christ is our Savior. He lives! And I know that I have been called to personally represent him and to show the love that Jesus Christ has for us through this work. We have proof that these things are true and it is The Book of Mormon! I know that this book is true and that it contains more power than any other book in this world. I can literally feel the power of this book enter the room everytime I open it to share a scripture. This book is the key to our spiritual conversion and I testify of its truthfulness. I know God loves us. Let's go share it with the people that don't know about his church. I love you guys tons!❤💪😁

Love, Elder Laing


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