September 26, 2019




Week 8

Hey guys! I love you guys so much! I am absolutely loving being a missionary! The people here are so nice and willing to listen to our message. Well most of them. Haha We kind of bashed with this catholic dude the other day and that was kind of fun. Haha we kind of roasted him with some swoll doctrine so that was sick haha. I love preaching the gospel so much and it’s amazing to see what I can do with the Lords help.

So ya my companion... he’s cool I guess. But he doesn’t seem to grasp the concept that we are on the Lords time and he has a serious lack of urgency. Which really stinks because if he is slow and wasting time, then I have to be slow and
waste time because I can’t go anywhere without him. For example yesterday we had a zone conference in Esquintla and so we needed to take the bus. So I contacted the bus which literally means that I stand up and preach the gospel to the whole bus! haha its so sick! 💪 anyways after the conference we went back home and we made lunch. But he was taking his sweet time with walking to the house and I had to wait for him a lot and the other missionaries in my district. So because of this we didnt start prosyliting
until 5 in the afternoon. I feel bad that we are wasting so much time and I’m doing my best to move him along but it’s hard. I just want to go home after my mission not having any regrets.

But what is good is that we have two people set to be baptized for oct 5. one awesome kid who is 15 years old and he is going to be awesome in the church. And another guy named Miguel. He is 67 years old and his whole family got baptized 17 years ago. He was supposed to get baptized then too but he has a problem with drinking and drank before the baptism. anyways the missionaries have been working with him for 17 years and we had some amazing experiences with him and he has finally decided to quite drinking and be baptized. Our mission president took one look at him and said he is going to be a great leader in the church. The spirit can do amazing things with people.

Being a missionary is one of the greatest decisions I have ever made! I love this gospel and I know its true. God loves us and we can rely on him during the good and the bad times.

Love you all!!
Elder Laing


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