September 23, 2019




Elder Miller

Week 7 -Chiquimunilla

Hello, this I just wanted to add a quick note to Braydens email last week!! Brayden is now in a small costal village, it is HOT and Beautiful. We were told that they don’t have electricity or running water. He has been able to talk to us via google hangouts 2 times now from a little Internet Cafe in Chiquimunilla, but the computers and the connection isn’t very good. Last week we could see him and he could see us and hear us but we couldn’t hear him at all. Finally he switched computers and then the video didn’t work, but we could hear him for the last 8 minutes of the short time he had left. He looks happy and is so excited about sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ to everyone!! When they ride in the busses, they get up and teach the entire bus. Then they go from person to person and talk to them about the Book of Mormon and testify of Jesus Christ! And they do all of this in Spanish! It is so exciting to see his growth and his Testimony be strengthened! We miss him so much, but are so grateful that he is learning, serving, growing and giving himself to the Lord!! Thank yuh for the prayers on his behalf!! I know he appreciates it!! We love you all!!

Hey Guys!
Man this place is crazy but it is awesome and I am loving it. Sorry if my E mails are kind of trash this week. I hope everything is going well at home. The missionary work is coming along pretty well. I think if we stay on a good course we could have
3 baptisms by the end of the month. This is difinantly different than the MTC but it is good and this is the best thing that I could be doing right now. My spanish is coming along good. According to the other missionaries, I sound like I’ve been out
for 2-3 months already. So apparently I’m doing good. The people are pretty hard to understand because they talk really fast but its coming along. We were getting really close to a baptism with this one guy but he has a drinking problem and we found him drunk in the street yesterday so that was pretty stinky. But I love teaching and talking to the people in their streets and in their homes. The food is pretty amazing too! I’ve probably had about 100 tortillas this week so thats been great. haha. sorry I don’t have much time but I’m trying to get out the basics. But what I know is that the church is true no matter where you are and I am loving being in the service of other!

Elder Laing


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