September 3, 2019


Guatemala MTC-CCM


Adrian Wilde

Week 5

Hey family!

This week has been an awesome week. I only have time to share one particular experience. We had the opportunity to listen to one of the apostles, David A. Bednar in a talk given at the BYU MTC and I have never had one message given that changed my life so much. It was about how to recognize the spirit. The basic gist of it as that, following the influence of the spirit is not as complicated as we may make it seem. If you are a good person and are striving to do God’s will, you cannot mess it up. Just
go, and the spirit will guide you wether you realize it or not. This message answered pretty much every question I’ve ever had about the Spirit. And every fear or doubt I had about teaching people has been swept away and I have never been more excited! I know that its been kind of a rough week for you guys at home but it will all be ok. I have recieved an amazing testimony that God loves all of his children individually. I don’t think that the English language has the proper words to describe what I’m trying to tell you guys right now. But the best I can do is tell you that God loves you as an individual for who you are regardless of your mistakes. He just cares that you are striving to follow his example. I love you guys so much and I am so thankful for your support! You guys don’t understand how much it means to me to have you guys cheering me on. Love you tons.


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