August 13, 2019


Guatemala MTC-CCM


Adrian Wilde

Week 2

Hey everyone!

This has been the biggest testimony builder I have ever experienced! Its good to hear that you are all doing well. I cant believe you guys have started school again already. That is crazy! Tell the girls and Kolby great job in their sports! I hope to see pictures and hear more about it!

This week has been so fun and spiritual. The best way to describe it is the days are long and the weeks are short. I cant believe I've already been here for two weeks. It's amazing how fast time flies when your having fun doing
the Lords work. I had an amazing spiritual experience this week. This last Saturday I was starting to feel a bit home sick and began to doubt my abilities to serve this mission. However those feeling quickly left me as I literally heard the voice of the spirit as he told me this. "Brayden, you have been blessed with the most desirable and valuable bit of knowledge anyone could possibly have! Even if they don´t know it, their souls are starving for the feast of the gospel! You MUST open your mouth to spread the good news!" Right then I wanted to go running through the streets and preach the gospel to his children. The spirit can be such an amazing tool in our lives. After I heard this I was filled with an amazing gratitude for the knowledge and blessings that I
have. Don´t ever shy away from an opportunity to share the gospel!

There has been a few missionaries go down with ecoli this week so that´s not fun. So I had the opportunity to give one of the people in my district a blessing. I was called to serve as district leader so they asked me to give the blessing. That was a really neat experience. But we've had our laughs about it since they kind of need to destroy the toilet every five minutes so we kind of tease them about that. haha

My spanish is good enough so I could communicate and laugh with the latino missionaries and they are some of the funniest guys ever and they have quickly become some of my best friends. The food here is amazing and there is so super weird and Delicious fruit here too. I'll put some picture at the bottom. Also I've made friends with one of the janitors here and we've given him the name Captain Guatemala because according to him Captain America is lame. haha what a guy!

We've been able to go to the temple every p day and the endowment sessions are awesome. I honestly think it is one of my favorites. I´m so grateful I've been able to go to the temple and become closer to our Savior. My testimony has never been stronger and its only going to get stronger from here. I testify that our Savior lives and He loves everyone of us. I love and miss you all so much!

Elder Laing


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